Behind the Desk with Andrea Newmeyer


Lauren Alexis, Staff Writer

Mrs. Newmyer, originally a long-term substitute teacher and CSPA building substitute teacher, has now become a full-time classroom teacher.  Although she taught a quilting class a few years ago at CSPA, this year she is teaching general art, sculpture, and painting.

What led you to want to be a teacher?

I want to be a teacher because I feel like every student deserves to be seen and understood. Relationships are so important to me, and I feel like all students need to feel like they have an adult who believes in them.

What are some tips or tricks on how to pass your class?

Keep asking questions until you understand. Be sure to really pay attention when I’m doing a demonstration or giving instructions. Genuinely try each technique. You may not love all of the projects, but hopefully, you will learn something from each of them.

What had you done before you started working at Charyl Stockwell Preparatory Academy?

This is my second career. I was a Human Resource Manager from 1995 until 2002 when I decided to stay home with my kids. In that job, I had to develop relationships in the community, recruit new technicians, and negotiate with two labor unions. This taught me so many things that I bring to the classroom with me like how to build relationships, being able to explain to students what employers really want, and how to help students resolve conflict.

You can contact Mrs. Newmyer through her school email, [email protected]