The NFL and COVID-19

Oliver Gottbreht, Staff Writer

Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, the NFL (Pro Football) has continued to play. Many players have contracted COVID-19, luckily, the NFL has not seen any deaths or lasting conditions from the epidemic. As the season goes on, the players that have contracted COVID-19 are removed from rosters for a week minimum, the removal of players has been a factor on every team, and is affecting many teams chances to get to the playoffs, and ultimately the Super Bowl. It is safe to say that the Tennessee Titans and the San Francisco 49’ers have been the top two affected teams by the epidemic.

Fellow student and avid viewer Sam Sizemore believes it has also affected the genuine atmosphere of the stadium in addition to the players’ success and relationship with the fans.

“I believe the lack of noise and crowd affects the player’s drive, and energy,” said Sizemore.

Another factor that has been devastating for the franchises has been the ticket and concession sales. Depending on the team and state (really the governor of the state), NFL teams are allowed to have a certain amount of people in the stands or none at all.  Thirty-eight percent of the team’s income comes from ticket sales and on average each team makes approximately 7.8 million a week in sales.

The epidemic has proven devastating for not just NFL players and teams, but every person in every situation across the nation, possibly the world.