Movie Review: Enola Holmes

Lainey VanSumeren, Staff Writer

What’s the story?

“Enola Holmes (played by Millie Bobby Brown) has been raised by her mother alone in a Victorian-style mansion out in the vast country, she is raised and taught to be a unique and free form thinker. The two are quite close, excluding her mother’s slight secretiveness, until Mrs. Holmes (played by Helena Bonham Carter) suddenly disappears on Enola’s 16th birthday. Enola’s brothers, the renowned detective Sherlock (played by Henry Cavill) and uptight politician Mycroft (played by Henry Cavill) are called in to care for her and help find their mother. The men are surprised and disturbed to find Enola, whom they haven’t seen in years, grown up and, according to the straight-laced standards of Victorian England, wildly unrestrained. Mycroft plans to send her to a very strict finishing school while Sherlock searches for their mother, who appears to be caught up in a violent women’s suffrage movement. However, Enola has other plans and escapes them both. Using tricks, disguises, and adventures, she sets herself up in London to find her mother on her own. Making matters more complicated is the meeting of a young Marquess named lord Tewskbury (played by Louis Partridge), who’s on the run from both his family and a murderous mystery man.”


The characters in the movie Enola Holmes are well formed and throughout the movie you really feel like you get to know them. The actors did an impeccable job of fully getting into character, from the action scenes, to the thoroughly emotional ones they kept in character and reacted the way they believed the characters would. While the movie was very entertaining, there are a few differences between the original book (written by Nancy Springer) and the movie adaptation (shot by Jack Thorne). In the original story Enola was fourteen when her mother left her, however in the movie they age Enola up to sixteen. This change was done, because the actress playing Enola would have a difficult time passing off as a fourteen year oldĀ  and it made the stunts and adventure make more sense for someone her age. The other change is that in the movie Enola is caught by Mycroft and taken to the finishing school, while in the book Enola evades being caught and never steps foot into said boarding school. The movie was high quality, from the timely outfits worn by all actors, to the beautiful and well thought out sets. Overall the plot of the movie was well thought out, and the story was easy to follow. This is definitely a movie worth watching.


  • Initial release: September 23, 2020
  • Director: Harry Bradbeer
  • Story by: Nancy Springer
  • Producers: Millie Bobby Brown, Mary Parent, Paige Brown
  • Production companies: Legendary Entertainment, Warner Bros.
  • Rating: PG-13
  • Run Time: 2h 1m
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