Inktober 2020

Lauren Alexis, Staff Writer

If you’re an artist, or have an interest in art, you may have heard of Inktober. For those of you who haven’t, Inktober is an art event that takes place during October. Each day of the month has a different prompt.

Inktober is a month-long art challenge that has gone viral over nearly all social media platforms. Jake Parker, a comic & picture book artist started Inktober in 2009 and since has influenced thousands of people into expanding and exploring their art skills. The official hashtag “#Inktober” has over 18 million posts and just this month it has already reached 2.2 million.

Inktober is about expanding creativity in a fun, typically spooky-themed art post. Millions of people have tutorials on the viral app, Tik Tok. The hashtag has over 400 million views. You may know some of the artists who participate in Inktober here at our school. One artist, CSPA Sophomore Isabella Moore, has 24k followers on Tik Tok and has gone viral for her art amongst other posts.

Isabella Moore said she found out about Inktober in 2019 and tried doing it that following October. Unfortunately, she ended up being too busy and tried again this year.   Since she’s only participated for about a year, Moore still considers herself  a beginner.

“I think I liked last year’s prompts a bit better,” said Moore, ” but of course, some prompts I like and others not so much. My favorite prompt this year was day one “fish.” I immediately had an idea for it and it was really fun to do.”

To learn more about this wonderful art opportunity look for the hashtags or go to for information and previous prompts.