Order a Yearbook. Plant a Tree.


The CSPA Sentinel is excited to announce that this school year we have a brand new yearbook company. We are proud to introduce you to TreeRing. In today’s digital age, we believe their tagline says it all too.

“The world has changed. Your Yearbook needs to also.”

There are so many options available to you now, including the ability to customize your design, create personal pages and a more affordable price.  And best of all, since this is a digital and ondemand printing company, your yearbook will be delivered in the spring of this school year rather than the fall of next school year.

For $48.44 you can get a soft-cover yearbook or for a small upgrade of only $7.00, you can choose a hard-cover yearbook instead. Both options include two personalized pages unique to just your yearbook. These pages are a brand new, cool feature allowing you to customize your yearbook by adding favorite memories of the school year to your own personal yearbook and the yearbook of your closest friends. If you want additional personalized pages, it’s only $2 extra per page. Of course, you always have the option to purchase ad space or senior pages to be placed in every yearbook. Advertising prices are available on the website.

Have you ever wished that amazing picture you took at a school event had made it into the yearbook? Well now it can! Once you order your  yearbook, you will be able to upload your own photos as easily as an app on your phone straight to the website for the yearbook staff to consider. Last, but not least, with every yearbook we sell, TreeRing plants a tree. We will be as environmentally friendly as we are streamlined. The yearbook staff looks forward to partnering with you this year in the design, production, and customization of our CSPA Sentinel Yearbook. Order today.