CSPA Citadel Has a New Voice

See how the newspaper staff is adapting to the digital age

Carson Gibby Gibbons

With new CDC guidelines preventing the print of the Citadel until further notice, the newspaper staff wasted no time in finding an alternative with their new adviser, Mrs. Wilson. Following the example of many other Michigan schools, Wilson created our new website, “thecitadelpost.org”.

Edited and moderated by the newspaper staff, The Citadel Post will continue publication throughout the year, and may even see improvement in both writing and production quality. For those skeptical, the site offers instant updates, an easier design interface, and more room for our editors to flex their creativity in a new, digital format.

Daniel Kehn, editor-in-chief, has wasted no time perfecting the medium, and will no doubt have new ideas and layouts live on the site within the week. Be on the look-out for a new website logo. Following suit, design editors Joseph Braun and Carson Gibbons have also began work on the webpage, with a fully revamped design in the works and more on the way, the Citadel Post is firing on all cylinders to start out the school year!