Fall Pep-Rally 2022 Recap


Addie Cox and Blythe VanSumeren

CSPA’s 2022 Fall Pep Rally, was an exciting event where students and teachers get to take A moment to appreciate the festivities and lightheartedness that the pep rally brings. At this CSPA’s Pep-Rally we got to see the Student Government announcing some of the participants in clubs and sports, getting their moment in the spotlight. The students in the audience learn about the clubs and sports that are taking place at this time through each of the student leaders’ speeches, either about the sports season or the club.  

After this, the Senior Boy’s Soccer Team and some of CSPA’s Teachers participated in a volleyball game. Students against teachers, Quinn Marshall, who was the line judge for the volleyball game and a student here at CSPA, stated

The most memorable moment for me was when one of the serves hit the ceiling.” Another notable fact about the Pep Rally is the irony of teachers vs. students because typically teachers are on the students’ team. Ms. Anderson A teacher here at CSPA and A participant in the volleyball game, explained A memorable observation at the Pep Rally,

“I love seeing our students cheer each other on! The Pep Rally ended with the volleyball game, and the students won! The rally concluded with the students excitedly leaving the gym and heading home to prep for the upcoming dance.



Photo By: Abby Landers