His “Season to Remember”


Caroline Goodwin, Sports Editor

Senior year of high school is about hitting milestones and embracing pivotal moments. While some students choose to focus on their future post-graduation, others prioritize the present. Seth Campbell’s senior soccer season is definitely about living in the moment.

“My senior year I’m really trying to make the most out of it and trying to make it last as long as I can”. Campbell knows he can’t make high school last forever. However, he can enjoy every second of playing for Charyl Stockwell. 

Growing up, soccer played a huge role in Campbell’s upbringing. From age four on, the soccer field was his scene. Campbell tells us about his most successful season yet.

“My sophomore year we won districts. I personally broke the school record of goals made in a season”, Campbell scored a total of twenty-two goals that season. He carried the skill and leadership he gained from that year into his upperclassmen seasons. He earned the spot of team captain, in both his Junior and Senior year. Campbell explained the reasons why he wanted to become a captain.

“I want to be a leader for my team. I talk to the referees about calls during games and stand up for my team. I want to be someone the younger kids can look up to,” explained Campbell.

Overall, Campbell’s senior season was a win in his books. Leaving on a good note, his senior night was bittersweet. Charyl Stockwell ended up winning their senior night game, placing them second in their conference. When asked about how he plans to continue his soccer career, Campbell’s response is unsure.

“I’m planning on playing in college and starting the process”. Preparing for the future can be scary and full of tricky decisions. However, one thing Seth Campbell is sure about is that “this season has been one to remember”.