Quinn Marshall: Hard Work Pays Off


Clara McCauley, Copy Editor

‘Hard work pays off’, a saying we all know, all too well. Freshman Quinn Marshall is no stranger to this quote, and embodying it as well. As the only freshman on the Varsity volleyball team, “sometimes it’s a lot of pressure. But, it’s a really good experience because you get to learn a lot from your teammates.” Marshall is a right-side hitter and middle blocker. “I’ve played middle blocker the whole time I’ve played volleyball, but I’m left handed and I’m trying to transition to the right side,” she explains. Quinn has been playing volleyball since 5th grade. “My friend told me to go to a volleyball clinic and I really liked it,” she expresses. This started the passion that made Quinn who she is today. 

Volleyball has impacted Quinn in many ways. “It (has)  gained me a lot of friends and experience,” she states, “I feel like a lot of the people I’m friends with, I wouldn’t have been if I wasn’t in volleyball. Being a freshman on the team, I’ve gotten to know more upperclassmen.” The relationships she’s made are of quality and quantity. Marshall loves being a part of a team. “They are always there for you. It’s almost like built-in friends,” she explains. Teamwork is a huge part of volleyball and is important on and off the court. 

Recently, The Sentinels took on South Lyon for a pink-out game. This was Quinn’s favorite game of the season so far. “Everyone was so excited about it,” she adds. Looking into the sea of students, there was only neon pink to be seen. Being on the topic of a game, the crowds have been roaring. Many students have filled up the bleachers with cheers and support. At the beginning of the season, Quinn remembers, “I hadn’t played with a big crowd before, so the first game was really intimidating. But, now it’s really fun seeing everyone cheering.” Marshall loves, “being able to be loud.” She can be herself on the court. Volleyball has been a key component that has influenced who Quinn is today.