Player of The Week: Theodore Gottbreht


Lainey VanSumeren, Editor in Chief

Let’s hear it for the youngest Football Player on the Trojans team, Teddy Gottbreht! This is Teddy’s first year playing football, and he was able to claim a spot on the Varsity team. His ability to dive headfirst into the sport is truly uncanny. As a sophomore, he wasn’t expecting to be playing with Juniors and Seniors when just starting out, but fate and the team’s coach seemed to have other plans. 

Teddy plays Tight End most commonly, and “fills in on the defensive line wherever he can help”. So far, the team has won three games and lost once, an excellent start to what we hope will be an incredible season. When asked about prior training or experience to this season, he had none to speak of besides off-season weight lifting. Teddy is definitely an athlete, playing a sport during every season, with Football in autumn, Ski team in winter, and his main sport being Baseball in the Summer. He aims to play Baseball on a college level in the future and currently aims to continue to finetune his skills as the season continues. 

He has been an asset to the team as a unit and has done his share of work to win as many games as possible. When asked about how he felt the co-op was going with two separate schools on the same team, he commented “It’s the ultimate team sport, and I’ve got a great team to work with; Everyone is working hard to put in equal effort, we’re all in it together”. When he spoke about his team, it sounded like they were a second family, rather than just a team. He mentioned that although they were students from different schools, they have all bonded over the sport and are an excellent team. He hopes and intends to play his hardest this year to help get the team to the playoffs.

This is the first year we have tried to bring back the football co-op since covid-19 shut the world down. However, after just a few weeks this season, Teddy and many other athletes look forward to playing the rest of high school. In fact, so many students tried out for the team this year that there were enough athletes to create a junior varsity team, which will help coach these athletes into becoming star players. As Teddy is currently the youngest member of the varsity team,  he will more than likely become an important leader and motivator to such athletes when they come up to Varsity. We really look forward to seeing Teddy continue to continue to become an even better athlete and leader. 

While he may already be on Varsity, Teddy still intends to push himself further, commenting that he and his team plan to “sharpen the ax” throughout the offseason and “look forward to coming back swinging harder than ever next year”. While Teddy may be new to the sport, he is definitely not new to putting in the effort for his goals. He plays with full effort, moves on quickly from mistakes, and has incredible sportsmanship.