Journey Through Drama


Ashley Clarke and Renata Uvick

It was a little after-noon as we walked into Ms. Emily Figot’s classroom. A chill filtering the air, and there was silence throughout the room. The lights were off, with the large windows illuminating the sunlight. We were wanting to explore her journey so far with the new Drama Club she started, and a little about why she decided to teach drama in general.
As we sat down, we noticed that there was a wall full of sticky notes just behind her desk. Emily Figot started her Drama Club because “My drama class and theater class wanted to do something more with drama and acting”. She claimed that her students love acting and theater, and how doing something like this would help them express themselves in a more creative way. She wanted to give them that chance to express themselves, because “not many of my students are able to express themselves creatively in other activities or clubs they’re in”. Figot wants to reach further into her Drama teaching as well, with this club.
Figot was influenced to start this club, by the courageousness of her students. She said that when she first introduced the idea of the club to her students, they were very excited about the idea. So with the influence of her students’ courage, she decided to go along with the idea. Figot would’ve had a hard time starting this club if not many of her students didn’t want to do it, so this was a big influence and opportunity for her because otherwise it most likely wouldn’t have started.

The reason Figot started teaching Drama in the first place was that she’s “a very creative person”. She also pointed out that she teaches more than just drama. She teaches English and Writing as well. Figot loves creativity, which goes on along perfectly with the topics she teaches. Drama, English, and Writing all go along perfectly together because it all has to do with creativity, and it matches her personality.
While starting the club, she had to plan what she was going to do. She decided with her students that she was going to perform a play called “Our Town”. Her students loved the idea of the play she chose to perform and were fully on board with it.
The number of people she has in the club is 13 people. For first starting a brand new club and after-school activity, this is a pretty good number. She hopes that more people will be interested in it, and maybe decide to join the club next year, if this year’s club is a success, after their first performance in June.
Figot explained that if the club goes well this year, she will decide to go for it and continue with the club for next year. She really hopes that this will go well and that she’ll be able to get further with this. If the club does go into next year, Figot will want to continue the club on and hope that it’ll get more popular. She has been working hard here as a teacher and as a friend, here at CSPA, and hopes her teaching will lead to success for her students’ futures.