Hour Glass


Scarlett Dunahoo, Guest Writer

The hourglass is full
People gather around to watch the time slip through its grasps
Each grain infused with anxiety collecting at the bottom
The hourglass begins to panic

Its losing time
Losing feeling
Losing parts of itself until…

It stops
The pelting stops and the people finish, seeming upset
The hourglass feels hopeless- half empty
It feels horrible for ruining thrift fun away

For months the hourglass sits there, unseen and untouched
The hourglass is a void next to a cold window
Frost melts from a nearby window before they came back
A small fraction of joy courses through the glass walls

And then it’s being grasped by the neck- being choked
Unable to breathe, the hourglass’s life gets flipped upside down
And for a moment
It feels relief.

Just as the hourglass tried to get its head straight,
The sickening drop returns and the cycle continues as the second of peace slips away with the sand
It’s a mindless action for the people-
But mind-numbing to the glass

The hourglass is in pain
But the second of relief- the return of company and the way they look when they have time again,
Makes the neglect a little less painful, and the ache to be full, dull
But at the end of the game

The hourglass is empty.