Letter From The Editor

Lainey VanSumeren, Editor in Chief

Dear readers,

Thanks again for checking out our site! The year 2021 has come to an end, and we have entered the year 2022.  With the beginning of the new year comes a new semester, with new classes and a reset on grades. However, before we can get to the New Semester we have to get through Finals week which starts January 18 and ends January 21. Those on the Journalism staff wish everyone success on their Final tests and Projects.

With the coming semester, I hope to welcome more writers to our team, as well as get more feature and entertainment articles out. I especially am looking forward to having a series of creatively written pieces including poetry, short stories, and photojournalism.

Next month there will be a Winter Formal themed around the ’80s! The dance will be on  February 4th at 7 pm, at Oak point. I look forward to enjoying the dance and seeing how the student government decorates the event. The elegance of the Red Carpet Fall Ball event will be hard to top. In February student government will also begin to sell Candy and Carnations- a service where you can pay to have candies and carnations sent to your friends and loved ones. So start thinking about who you will be sending flowers to!

So to wrap things up, welcome back everyone. I hope you all enjoyed the time off and got to relax as much as possible with the holiday season. The semester is almost over so it’s time to hustle to get final grades taken care of, as well as check in on your favorite Seniors! Senior Presentations start next week, which often causes a lot of stress on those participating. So good luck to all the seniors at our school, and enjoy the rest of the month- and the new year!