Q&A With Mr. Knipple


Eva Brooks-Walworth, Staff Writer

I am starting a series of Q&Aś where I ask random questions to our teachers. So without further adieu, random questions for our beloved Mr. Knipple. View his answers, and read his conspiracy on bumper stickers!


Q: What is your zodiac sign?

A: My sun sign is a Leo


Q: How do you feel about pineapple on pizza?

A: I don’t mind it, however, it’s not my first choice. I prefer chicken on pizza!


Q: When eating pizza, do you fold it like a taco? Or eat it traditionally.

A: I usually eat it traditionally, however, if the slice is big enough, I might!


Q: Do you turn your taco horizontally to eat it, or do you turn your head horizontally to eat it? 

A: I 100% turn my head for the taco. I don’t want to lose any taco!


Q: What state shouldn’t be a state?

A: Rhode Island, or Delaware, they are too small. Who cares? 


Q: Is cereal a soup?

A: No, because soup needs broth. Milk does not equal broth. 


Q: What would be a secret conspiracy you would want to start?

A: Bumper stickers have subliminal messages to make people buy more gas.


Q: Sum up the internet in one sentence. 

A: Super informative, yet can be unreliable. 


Q: What do you think is the most imaginative insult?

A: I would agree with you but then we would both be wrong. 


Q: What’s the worst name to give a child.

A: I’d say, Lester, my middle name is Lester and I would not wish that on anyone.


Q: Would you rather have 1 horse-sized duck or 12 duck-sized horses?

A: I would want 12 duck-sized horses, that’d be wicked awesome. I’m scared of big ducks… 


Q: What inanimate object would you like to erase from existence?

A: Meat mashers. They’re useless. 


Mr. Knipple has been a teacher at our school for quite some time and has had a positive impact on a countless number of students. Though, if he ever was given any political power we would be losing not one but two of our 50 states. We love you Mr. Knipple <3