Sentinels Cheer Make the Disney Thanksgiving Parade


Abby Landers, Staff Writer

Four of our sentinel cheerleaders went to Disney world over break to cheer in what we like to call popup parades. Abigail landers, Alexa Wheeler, Olivia Diaz, and Madisyn Schroeder, The entire cheer team tried out over the summer for UCAs All American cheer team. More than four girls made this team but in the end, only 4 girls could attend the event. This is a huge accomplishment for our team, cheerleaders from all around the country are selected for this amazing experience. Our girls had an amazing time in Disney World and were able to visit parks and spend quality time with team members, parents, and their coach. But the highlight of this experience was definitely the chance to cheer with hundreds of other amazing cheerleaders and learn from professional cheerleaders from all around America. 


“I was absolutely honored to be able to have this opportunity to go on this trip with some of my amazing teammates during my senior year. I learned so much that has allowed me to become more of a leader and more confident in my abilities. I overall loved my entire experience and had a blast cheering and making new friends.” – Madisyn Schroeder