November Letter from The Editor


Lainey VanSumeren, Editor in Chief

Happy November to all of our readers, we hope everyone is enjoying the fall season. For the past month or two, our staff has been working hard to improve the quality and quantity of our platform. We have had quite a few fantastic feature pieces from our team and we have recently started a series about her favorite baked goods for each season. Staff writer Maggie Maisano is proving to be a major asset to the writing team, taking on her own series of articles. Her first feature in the series is now posted, and she has included some incredible recipes that I am hoping to try.

Also, I am happy to welcome two new staff writers, Abby Landers, and Eva Brooks- Walworth. Abby has volunteered to do pieces prior to this month, but recently became a permanent member of the team. Eva had an interest in writing pieces and getting involved with the team and officially joined this month. I look forward to seeing her writing style.

This month we continue to spend time working on writing more content. We might not have hit our goal yet,¬† but are working to get about nine articles out a month. It’s a big goal, but one I believe we can achieve together.

November has flown by and I know all of my team members are looking forward to Thanksgiving break. So I hope all of our readers have a great break and get to spend lots of time relaxing and spending time with friends and family! Last year a lot of our plans had to be canceled but now is a great time to rekindle traditions.


Your Editor Lainey VanSumeren‚ô°