October Letter from the Editor♡

I want to welcome everyone to another school year and thank you for reading our online paper! It means a lot to the whole staff that those in our community are willing to spend a few minutes to read our work. My name is Lainey VanSumeren. I am a sophomore this year and writing is one of the things I find the most joy.

This Year we are starting off with a lot of brand new staff writers such as Owen Scattergood, a Junior with a lot of good ideas for the newspaper and an incredible writer. Coming back this year is staff writer Leon Cobb, as a Managing Copy Editor. Their job is to help with basic editing of papers and manage our social media. I am super grateful for their help this year. Another staff member is Maggie Maisano, a sophomore and brand new to the writing team. She is super ambitious in her articles and a hard worker. Then there are two freshmen, Kai, and Kaylee. Both students are learning how to best put their thoughts and voices into their pieces. I am looking forward to working together, and getting to know each staff member, while helping them expand their knowledge about writing.

We want to have fun this year with lots of personal creative writing pieces, and lots of interviews with clubs, staff, and students at our school. We would also love to be able to interview students and get news out about their important passion projects, especially creative writing pieces and photography. Our goal is to showcase the work of students, from detailed horror short stories, to poetry.  Let us show off your work. You should also be on the lookout for quality work from those in our publication production class who are learning the basics of writing.

We look forward to a more normal school year, and keeping people as updated as possible.


-Your Editor

Lainey VanSumeren