Golf Team Starting Fresh


Staff Writer , Staff Writer

The Golf Team won its first match in five years last week. With all the team members leaving, the Golf Team started fresh with all new players this season. Head Coach Chris McDonald had to start from scratch, teaching two players with no prior experience playing the sport. This season consists of four players on the team, consisting of Caleb McGuire, Emelia Dunahoo, Scarlett Dunahoo, and Lainey VanSumeren. Scarlett Dunahoo and Emelia Dunahoo have played golf with their parents for years and were ready for this season. Each of them has shown a lot of skill! Caleb and Lainey started the season with little to no knowledge of how to play, but both made significant improvements.
Caleb is ending the season averaging scores between 60-65; his swings went from digging holes into the ground to gliding across the fairway and hitting high and long swings. Scarlett’s average score has remained around 60 this season, with her best score being a 57. She has been a great team player this season and has generously given helpful tips to improve the other players. Emelia has been a positive person on the team and keeps calm even when opponents have been intimidating and unpleasant. She has helped players remain calm and collected in the face of hardships this season. With her best score being 66 thus far, she is a significant asset to the team. Lainey started this season unable to tell the difference between a pitching wedge, and a nine iron and is now hitting long and beautiful shots. She has done her best to be an asset to her team and has worked hard in practice to improve. She was made team captain of the team at the beginning of the season and has done he best to help her coach and team in any way she can. She has gone from scoring 74 at the start of the season but has gotten her highest score of 61 recently. Coach Chris McDonald has done his best to relate to his players and has worked his hardest to balance being a middle school teacher and a golf coach. He has helped his team improve exponentially, and he is looking forward to taking at least two of his players to the regionals this year.