March Madness: Let the Games Begin


Tony Stahl, Staff Writer

Here we go, the Bracket for the 2021 tournament is complete and ready to go. This Friday the 19th of March we will see who can get past the first round of the tournament. Today I’ll review some good teams that have a good chance to make some noise while in the tournament and have a chance to win the championship. I’ll also mention some teams that are a lower seed to look at that could maybe upset some of their opponents. The number one seed is Gonzaga, who is undefeated this year. They are 24-0 and have a very high-scoring offense. Their bad trait is that they haven’t really faced off against any major opponents during the season. Baylor is another 1 seed who had to take a 3-week break in the middle of their season due to covid problems within their team members. Besides that, they still look like a very solid team. Michigan is another team with a dominant force behind them. They have great offense and defense, however, their star Isaiah Livers is injured and will not be playing. The final #1 seed from around the conferences is Illinois, This team is coming off of a big ten tournament championship and is a steady-paced team. Though I’ve noticed that during some games they can get kind of shaky and lose their confidence causing them to turn the ball over and sometimes lose games.

One of the most notable quotes on March madness is “Anything can happen.” Referring to upsets, when a smaller seeded team beats a more powerful team. There are a couple of teams in this year’s bracket that I see as potential heartbreakers. The first one is #12 seeded Winthrop. Winthrop is a team with only one loss the entire season. They will be going up against #5 Villanova and if they can get past them they may have a shot at the sweet 16 or deeper into the competition. #13 seeded Liberty also has a chance to upset their opponent Oklahoma state. Oklahoma does have one of the best players in college basketball, but I feel that if liberty plays its cards right they could maybe pull it out as underdogs. Another surprising team is #7 Uconn. Uconn has a history of winning big as a 7 seed such as in 2014 when they won the championship while being the 7th seed. If they beat Maryland they would have to go up against a very good Alabama team but they have a shot at going all the way. March Madness is an amazing tournament to follow, no one knows who’s gonna win every game and every team has a chance to win a national title.
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