Basketball Season Overview


Daniel Kehn, Editor-in-Chief

On Friday, March 19th, the Charyl Stockwell Basketball program hosted Parkway Christian on Senior Night,  in what would be the final game of the regular season. Parkway swept all three of the Sentinel teams, defeating Men’s Junior Varsity, Women’s Varsity, and Men’s Varsity teams by scores of 65-32, 41-32, and 74-51 respectively.

Junior Varsity Coach Jacob Krettlin commented after the game on Friday. “Summing up the season, I would say, a lot of trials and tribulations, but these guys fought through a lot. A lot of time missed due to COVID. But I mean, every single game, they fought their hardest. They showed up to practice and worked really hard. So, overall, I’m really happy with the improvement over the season.”

Krettlin spoke to his potential return as Junior Varsity Coach saying “As of right now, I’m planning on returning. I mean, I love these guys. I see a lot of potential with not only this team but the program as a whole. I went to a lot of eighth-grade games. So right now I plan on sticking around”.

   Junior Varsity ended their season 2-6

Though the Women’s Varsity Basketball was only able to play 11 games this season, going 2-9, Coach Laurie Delorenzo found promise in the future this season. “Well see now we have young players. [we] have hope, nine girls coming back next year, with another year underneath their belt. So a little bit more work in the offseason and building confidence. I think that we can probably have a pretty nice season next year.”

Women’s Varsity fell to Ann Arbor Greenhills 54-10 in the first round of Districts

After a slow start in the first quarter, the Men’s Varsity team had it all to do in the second half on Friday. “It was a lot closer than the score,” Head Coach Rick Morgan remarked during a postgame interview, “And that is the best team at the conference. They haven’t lost. They’re 9-0 in the conference. We had a lot of streaky games [this season], we talked about having four quarters where we put it all together. And we did that [tonight]. That was a really good team. They’re all juniors and seniors, they’re very experienced. It’s a good team. I mean, this is one of our best games, so I’m pretty happy with it.”

The headline story throughout the 2021 season was Covid-19, as the whole team was forced to quarantine for two weeks mid-season. Despite the setbacks, the season brought, Morgan had nothing but praise for his team and its future. “Well, a lot different than last year, because last year, we had 12 players, and we lost 10 [of them], nine seniors, and one transfer. Neither of the two guys who returned played that much last year. So it was like having a whole brand new set of guys. And, given that we had such a late start with COVID. With those two things, you know, I’m really happy. The seniors are great, they were great leaders. It’s going to be really nice having the Sophomores and Juniors around for you know, a couple of years.”

Men’s Varsity fell in the first round of Districts to Westland Lutheran 40-36