The Great Debate: Oreos

The Original vs. the New Found Classic

The Great Debate: Oreos

The Original

When you think of Oreo’s what do you see? Most may think of the cookie we all loved as kids. The cookie has such nostalgia inside its cream filling, most of us were given Oreo’s on special occasions, as a reward, or even when we were sad. The cookie has been around for what seems like forever and it is a snack that anyone can enjoy. However, some disagree and state that there could be something better than the original.

Some say that the original is “So plane compared to the many other more unique options”. Some people think that the combination of fluffy vanilla filling and the crunchy chocolate cookie isn’t as good as some make it out to be. Some even think that other Oreo’s are healthier than the original. Even going as far to say the originals aren’t as good as some of the newer versions.  However, most of these assumptions stand alone.

How could one even begin to call the perfect combination of the sweet syrupy center and crunchy cocoa on the outside anything but amazing? It provides a flavor that is unique to that combination of vanilla and chocolate cookie. Unlike the original, the vanilla Oreo, or “Golden Oreo” only has one flavor that goes through the whole cookie, nothing but vanilla seems bland compared to the diversity the original holds. Yes, there is a lot of hype for some of the newer Oreo recipes, such as the lemon-flavored or the Lady Gaga Oreo. But at the end of the day by next year the original will still be a favorite while the Lady Gaga Oreo will fall by the wayside in a graveyard of Oreo trends.

As said by spoon-university in an article on the best Oreo’ written in 2016 “Our #1 choice proves that nothing can ever top the original Oreo”. The article writers sampled fifteen different types of Oreo and came to the conclusion that the original was by far the best. The flavor could not be rivaled, and anyone could enjoy them as they are nut, egg, and milk-free.  The originals are also fewer calories than the vanilla Oreo.

The original cookie is always a favorite, it’s something people enjoy and get excited about. It’s a perfect snack for almost any time, and some of my most allergy-ridden friends love the cookies. Movie night, a camping trip, or even a study date, anytime, anywhere. It’s one of those iconic foods that holds the air of childhood euphoria, no one can think of or eat the cookie without having a sense of remembrance. It’s a treat that almost everyone has some form of emotional attachment to. The original Oreo cannot be topped.


The New Found Classic 

Oreos were originally produced in 1912, at the time being considered a knock-off cookie of the brand “Hydrox”. These cookies got popular by stealing their flavor and concept from an already existing brand and taking over the cookie market. Over time they learned they can have original flavors and ideas, creating some long-lasting impressions of wonderful flavors and combinations. Some stick around and others are only seasonal but they introduce new flavors to the world that we hadn’t even tried. The Golden Oreo- an all-time favorite amongst some of our students and staff, is a delicious treat that doesn’t get enough recognition for its flavor and originality.

Golden Oreos are a sweet vanilla cookie centered with a cream filling, they provide a simple and sweet flavor. The cookie isn’t overly sweet and it doesn’t have such a rich chocolate flavor. As chocolate allergies have become more popular- though they aren’t major impacts like nuts and dairy to us, they can become quite impacting and saddening to that person’s life- alternatives to that chocolatey goodness needed to be found. Golden Oreos provided a similar taste and a sweet treat without giving you any reaction.

A beloved member of the CSPA Staff, Senora Holland is a big fan of these cookies, “Golden Oreos taste like sweet sunshine!” she said, and who wouldn’t agree? These vanilla cookies with a complimenting cream filling, they’re delicious and certainly sweet! While asking around on student and staff perspectives on their favorite cookie, Ms. Verklan, another supporter of the Golden Oreo said, ”Because they’re better, and if you say otherwise you’re wrong!”

When shopping for sweets finding something that isn’t loaded with sugar is hard, the Original Oreos might be a fan favorite but they’re loaded with sugar, fat, and calories. If you’re looking to cut out those extra calories, golden Oreos are a great alternative; having only 2.3 grams of fat and 4 grams of sugar per cookie compared to 3.5 grams and 4.6 grams per cookie of the chocolate Oreos. They’re slightly healthier if you’re trying to cut just a little bit out of your diet but can’t get your heart off America’s favorite cookie.

Statistica, a website that gathers statistics on businesses and sales, has recorded the estimated purchases of Oreos every month. Throughout the past year we have struggled as a country, our stores have been empty for most of the year and prices have gone up- even so Nabisco has sold 240 million packages in just last year alone.

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The Great Debate: Oreos


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