Staff Column: Lainey VanSumeren

Life’s Mission


Lainey VanSumeren, Staff Writer

My mission in life isn’t focused on one thing, the world is filled with many problems and many people. I want to make life a little more pleasant, life is hard sometimes and if I can make it easier for myself or anyone else I think I should. I can’t help everyone, and some people will find me super annoying, but I can make a small difference. We all walk around acting like everything is fine when in reality we know that it’s not. Most of our society has some form of mental illness, and the world is a pretty depressing place if you really look at it, and a lot of the time it seems that there is no point in trying to make it better because you can’t fix everything. 

We don’t lack knowledge or methods of how to help each other and it’s not even that challenging. I want to have a pleasant high school experience and learn as much as I can. I want to participate in the community our school has provided. I don’t need to be friends with everyone I see, but if I can leave with no enemies then I can say that I had a great high school experience. I want to enjoy this part of my life and get everything I can out of it. You can make someone’s day a little better by just smiling at them, you can make someone’s week with a compliment. It’s not hard to compliment someone’s coat as they walk by, or to say good morning, afternoon, or good evening. Little things, that is all they are but they make people’s days that much better and can make our communities that much more pleasant to be in.

We walk around as if the world owes us something, or thinking that everyone around you is gonna think less of you for holding the door open for others. I have had this idea growing up that showing empathy or patience to others was a sign of weakness or annoyance. After a while, I decided that I am just gonna be done caring about it. If I like someone’s clothes I will compliment them, or if someone drops their stuff I’ll help them pick it up. If I can enjoy where I am and what I am doing I know that’s enough.

My mission isn’t focused on one specific problem, or goal, my mission is to leave a positive mark on my community and make life easier. It won’t be big, and it won’t be flashy. I just need to keep others in mind and enjoy where I am. If the community we are in stays as it is that’s fine, as long as I can do better. I only have four years here, so why not try to make the most of it. I’m going to participate in whatever I can, and go after any opportunity.