UPDATE: Class of 2021 Graduation

Daniel Kehn, Editor-in-Chief

Though plans are currently in flux for the class of 2021’s graduation, Charyl Stockwell administration sources have guaranteed to families, and The Citadel Post, that the class of 2021 will graduate on June 6th, with no possibility of a change in date. This confirmation stems from a graduation date change for the class of 2020 in the midst of the global Covid-19 pandemic last June.

“We have our original spot for graduation, which is Rackham auditorium, on the central campus [of] University of Michigan Ann Arbor. We have that reserved for our June 6th commencement ceremony. We are awaiting the go-ahead from the University of Michigan regarding the ceremony. First of all, we’re being optimistic about having our ceremony as we usually do at Rackham Auditorium. In the event that doesn’t happen, we are looking at multiple different options, some being outdoor options, to slide in and fit the bill for a nice, elegant ceremony. That’s where we are at this time,” Principal Matthew Stewart commented.

Stewart highlighted the idea of the courtyard option, with graduates coming in single groups at a time with their families, giving families a personal moment with their seniors while also following COVID-19 safety protocols. The discussion will remain open to the Charyl Stockwell administration as plans are slow to form during the vaccination efforts that began in January of 2021.

More to follow in the coming months.