BREAKING NEWS: Frozen Jr. Cast List Released

Charyl Stockwell’s annual fall musical will take place in May

BREAKING NEWS: Frozen Jr. Cast List Released

Following a long two-day audition process at the beginning of the month, the Charyl Stockwell Preparatory Academy Music program announced the cast list for the adjusted Spring musical.

The Cast list was presented as follows:

Young Anna – Jadyn Savage

Middle Anna – Elayna Lapeer

Anna – Marissa Carson

Young Elsa – Madison Lindenmuth

Middle Elsa – Sarah Vollmer

Elsa – Skylar Causey

King Agnarr – Collin Senkler

Queen Iduna – Gracie Tratechaud

Pabbie – Julie Ross

Bulda – Ray Snively

Kristoff – Anthony Urbaniak

Sven – Undecided

Hans – Oliver Gottbreht

Weselton – Owen Mason

Olaf – Alaina Gibbons

Oaken – Henry Schoeberlein

Ensemble – Mercuri Favreau, Anna Sauers, Anaka Perry, Sophia Dumas, Collin Senkler, Mary Ross, Rebekah Hatt, Keira Young, Kailin Young, Raya Curtis, Emelia Dunahoo, Brody McLaughlin, Lindsey Bowman, and Jaclyn Lusk

Snow Chorus/Summer Chorus – Elayna Lapeer, Jadyn Savage, Cora Mason, Lindsey Bowman, Gracie Tratechaud, Madison Lindenmuth, Raya Curtis, and Jaclyn Lusk

Hidden Folk – Elayna Lapeer, Jadyn Savage, Cora Mason, Lindsey Bowman, Gracie Tratechaud, Madison Lindenmuth, Raya Curtis, Jaclyn Lusk, Henry Schoeberlein, Sarah Vollmer, Kiera Young, and Anna Saurs

Oaken’s Family – Ensemble

Family Member 1 – Madison Lindenmuth

Family Member 2 – Raya Curtis

Family Member 3 – Julie Ross

Family Member 4 – Sarah Vollmer

Townspeople – Ensemble

Bishop – Cora Mason

Townsperson 1 – Henry Schoeberlein

Townsperson 2 – Ray Snively

Townsperson 3 – Julie Ross

Townsperson 4 – Jaclyn Lusk

Townsperson 5 – Raya Curtis

Townsperson 6 – Kiera Young

Castel Staff – Ensemble

Housekeeper – Rebekah Hatt

Butler – Brody McLaughlin

Handmaiden – Sophia Dumas

Cook – Anaka Perry

Steward – Mary Ross

On the cast and show potential, Co-Director Dina Barnaby commented, “We are super excited about the cast list that we put together this year. Again, in these unique times and the Covid situation we’re all in, we had a great group of kids come out, probably one of the highest levels of talent that we’ve had in that past, so we are really excited about the potential of the show.” Barnaby continued on the topic of Covid-19 precautions, saying ” We are [planning] to be masked. All of the cast members would be masked at all times, even normal staging that you’d think of when putting a show together, we [will plan] to keep kids as socially distanced as possible even during the production. So the whole production piece is going to be different than it has in the past.” Barnaby noted that the current plan is to wear masks during the production, which would be a musical theater first, but is subject to change during the coming months in response to the ongoing pandemic.

CSPA Musical Theater is scheduled to present Frozen Jr. on May 7th at 7 pm and May 8th at 12:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Shows will be held at the Brighton Center of Performing arts. Tickets price, sales, and COVID-19 precautions will be announced at a later date.