Staff Column: Lauren Alexis

Becoming a Leader


Lauren Alexis, Staff Writer

Within the upcoming year, I hope to become more of a leader. This includes leadership service roles in online communities as well as in-person communities, specifically within my current community service organization. I would like to prove myself to be somebody others can look to for direction and inspiration. Online I make quite an effort to prove myself to those in leadership to that hopefully they will see me as an equal. Over the past few months I’ve applied to help coordinate events, and contributed to welcoming, and moderating committees online Also this school year I have joined student government as a representative of my grade, and become a member of the National Honors Society.

I would like to plan a path in life to become a journalist or educator, perhaps teaching others overseas. However, right now, the best I can do is prove I’m worthy of the honor that comes with achieving my goals. I know that I am somebody who others can look to for help and guidance because I have done it before. This year I am aiming to be somebody people aspire to be. I hope to help people in need online and soon help the community once I can volunteer in person.