On Being an Editor: January

2021, Here. We. Go.

On Being an Editor: January

Daniel Kehn, Editor-in-Chief

It is safe to say that a year ago, our hopes for the beginning of a new decade were fairly high, and the outcome we now look back on was nothing short of a disappointment. 2020, in short, was not our best year, from Pandemics to Politics, nothing seemed to go our way. You know what though? It happened, the world crumbled, felt pain, stood still, but we are still here, we are still breathing. We took a hit for sure, but getting up and moving on, no matter how hard it may seem, is the first step to healing. It’s not about what has happened, what’s holding you back, or who’s at fault, it’s about how you react and how you handle the adversity.

” You didn’t come this far only to come this far.” – unknown

Now we have learned, the ball drop won’t solve our problems like the snap of a finger can, and 19 days into 2021, the same bleak outlook is doing what it can to become a permanent perspective in our lives. Something tells me that isn’t going to be the easiest task though. There are five months left in the 2020-21 school year, meaning there are five months to jumpstart 2021. For my fellow Seniors, there are a few short (yet seemingly endless) months left of high school. Post-Charyl Stockwell preparations have begun to take shape, and the puzzle is looking a little clearer. Underclassmen, you’ve made it through the hard part, and the sun is coming. If there is anything we have learned at CSPA, it’s resilience, it’s fighting spirit, it’s dedication. Let’s not let those ideals down this semester.

   Stay Safe,

Daniel Kehn 

Editor-in-Chief of The Citadel Post