Lake Street Tavern

Local Business Spotlight

Sophia Twinn, Staff Writer

South Lyon is a quaint town, home of several wonderful small and family-owned businesses. Many of which I’ve been a patron of for years. One such small business is the Lake Street Tavern in downtown South Lyon; a personal favorite of mine. It is a very popular meal destination in the South Lyon area, especially among locals.

The Tavern has a home, a small-town atmosphere, fitting for a restaurant that is located in the heart of South Lyon’s historic downtown. There is a perfect balance between ‘your local pub’ and ‘family-friendly dining’, having the restaurant portion open for families and anyone who may want to enter, while also maintaining a bar portion of the establishment, which is perfect for late nights out with friends. 

It is a very casual, family-friendly dining experience. Their menu includes many tavern-style food choices, their burgers, and their fish and chips are great for a night out with friends or family, and a takeout option is an available option in this state of self-isolation due to the pandemic. If you are looking for a nice, simple meal, to sit down and enjoy, The Lake Street Tavern is where to go.